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Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School – Scottsdale, AZ

The Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu school in Scottsdale, AZ is different than many other jiu-jitsu schools in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, and worldwide. Our philosophy, programs, community and mission that our founders built our association on many years ago continues to be the driving force behind the success of our schools and our teachings. Learn how Gracie Barra is different than other jiu-jitsu schools.

The Gracie Barra Philosophy, Mission, Community & Programs

Our Philosophy

Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu is rooted in a strong philosophy that has contributed to the extraordinary success our organization has seen over the years: to teach jiu-jitsu as a means for individual development, which goes beyond the competitive realm. All Gracie Barra schools, including Gracie Barra Scottsdale, teach this philosophy.

Our Mission

We seek to train body, mind and spirit through the highest level of Brazilian jiu-jitsu instruction. We envision the art as a vehicle for individual development and the strengthening of the family spirit, going beyond the winning-losing or contest philosophy. — Master Carlos Gracie, Jr.

Our Community

Gracie Barra Scottsdale is a part of wordwide community of Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu schools and practitioners. The Gracie Barra community is made up of instructors, students and athletes of all ages and levels who train at our 400+ Gracie Barra schools worldwide.

Our amazing community of Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners comes together to achieve our mission by putting the team in front of ourselves. Our community based on the values of brotherhood, passion and service for others, which goes beyond practice or competition.

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Programs

Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu fundamentals are also the fundamentals of good character. The ‘gentle art’ teaches practitioners honesty, integrity, discipline and unselfishness. Master Carlos Gracie Jr., the founder of Gracie Barra, believes in building not only technique, but more importantly, self-confidence, through positive reinforcement — serving as the base for our teaching environment.

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